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Our Website Accessibility Policy

We are committed to making our website accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities. We believe in access to knowledge, no matter what sort of physical barrier a user may have. We designed our website to be accessible to impaired users in navigating, understanding, seeing, and interacting with a website. We continually update this website to improve accessibility and check content for accessibility issues.

Partial Conformance where Full Accessibility is Not Possible

Some of the pages on our website may not conform fully to existing accessibility standards if accessibility support for them does not exist. For such pages, if any, every effort is being made to make them conforming to existing guidelines. Such partial non-conforming content may exist, for example, where a third party has contributed content that is non-conforming.

Help Make Our Website Better For All

Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing. We want impaired users to contribute to making our website better for all. If you find that something on our website is not accessible, we welcome your concerns, questions, and suggestions. Please contact us at your earliest convenience using the contact info below.

Please visit our Gallery to see how our wood products are being used by our customers.

Everhart Lumber Company, LLC
Closed: Sunday and Monday • Open: Tuesday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm ET and Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm ET

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